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This place is great!

This place is great! My longtime friend and Brother Danny Bailey and his partner Mike Harris have built an amazing/new school/old school facility in Columbia, Kentucky. I do a half a dozen projects a year here and often stay over for a couple of days. Everything about this place is great. If you have a project and want to get out of town for a couple of days, this is the only call you need to make. I love this place...

Mark P
Musician / Facebook Page

Love Working with Redbrick Recording Studio

I have loved working with Mike Harris and Danny Bailey at Redbrick Recording Studio! They know what they want and how to get the job done it has been a pleasure!

Ellen H

Awesome place. Danny has the ear

This is where I record. They are awesome! Danny has the ear.

Nate F.

You are going to love recording at Redbrick Studios!! Redbrick is a world-class recording facility, located in a Beautiful Historic Building on The Square in Columbia, KY The Studio boasts a Neve VRP Console, The Rolls-Royce of recording consoles, built by the legendary Rupert Neve!! Literally thousands of the greatest records ever made have been recorded with a Neve Console. They also have a Steinway Grand Piano, all of the best Outboard gear including LA2-A's, UA 1176's etc. Most importantly, The Studio is manged and operated by Producer/Chief Engineer Danny Bailey. Danny is a world-class Producer, Engineer, Songwriter and Background Vocalist with decades of experience at the very top of the music business; including a nearly 20-year stint as a Producer/Studio Owner on Nashville's Music Row. His depth of experience accumulated in Nashville, gives his recordings The Authentic Nashville Sound. Danny brings that experience working with Nashville's greatest Artists, Producers, Writers and Musicians to every recording that he makes, and you will see and hear Danny's experience and talent in every facet of recording at Redbrick Studios. I love working at Redbrick!! I love the gear, the sound, and most importantly the Vibe!!! And you'll love it too!! Glen Duncan Nashville, TN

Somewhere Quite Special

When you first arrive at Redbrick you know you have landed somewhere special-it is beautiful.  The well thought out design of the studio is impressive and lends itself to the incredible sound those walls can create. The jewel at Redbrick is the man behind the console- chief engineer/producer Danny Bailey.  He allows his artists the freedom to bring their songs alive while directing you eloquently and professionally.  His many years of experience makes this process seamless.  His talents extend beyond the Neve Console he engineers behind.  He is a brilliant songwriter and has a great set of pipes too.  I believe all of these skills allow him to identify with his artists. Danny surrounds himself with a team of humble, loyal and insanely talented people.  I have recorded at this amazing studio many times and always felt like an integral part of the creative process. Danny captures the unique sound and style of each artist. I live quite a distance from the studio and stay in the apartment upstairs.  This spacious space is so comfortable and feels like home.  A short trip down the spiral staircase and you are ready to record. No matter the size or level of your project you are made comfortable and welcome to enter into a great community of talent.  Recording can be quite stressful- trying to get everything perfect.  Danny has an innate ability to allow your creativity to soar and remove the pressure we as artists put on ourselves.  Soon after you connect your mouth to the mic you feel a sense of calm.  I will FOREVER be connected to this studio and to this marvelous engineer!! Thank you, Danny and Mike, for bringing Redbrick Recording Studio to life, thank you for your vision, amazing character and insane talent.  I can’t wait to come back!!  Nicole Oliver

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