Artists that record at Redbrick love staying at the Loft at Redbrick. We have created a comfortable, inviting living quarters, so that you can stay at the studio, and focus on your music and relaxation between takes. No getting up and getting ready at a hotel, and driving several minutes or miles to get to the studio, only to be stuck there all day with not a lot of creature comforts.

At Redbrick, you are free to walk up the spiral staircase to your living quarters to relax, write songs, whatever you feel led to do. The whole setting of Redbrick is in a small, rural Kentucky town, right on the public square facing a historic old courthouse. It creates a creative environment for the artist, where you don’t have all the distractions you may have at other recording studios in other cities. We respect the privacy needs of our clients, in doing so we  provide a private environment for your recording needs.